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Our Mission

UNA USA Queens Chapter leads efforts to engage, inform, and galvanize the Queens community in carrying out the missions of the United Nations at a localized level. 

The chapter aims to spread knowledge about the crucial work of the UN by spearheading different initiatives through advocacy and education.


1946 - 1950

The United Nations held the initial General Assemblies in Flushing


  UNA USA organization was established to encourage the U.S. government to implement the principles of the United Nations in its institution with the support of chapters across the country.

 Our chapter hopes to lead in this effort within our community.

Get to Know the Board

Terrie Gyles


Terrie Gyles has worked as an educator with the NYC DOE Public Schools throughout Queens for over 18 years. In addition to her work as an educator she was a journalist with two major newspaper companies, an adjunct professor at LaGuardia Community College and St. John's University; she is currently a doctoral fellow at St. John's University. Terrie has worked with the UNA-USA on educational initiative and programs since 2013. She is currently working on piloting/implementing Consultations for Justice Program and Curriculum.

Nataly Lado

Vice President

Nataly is a Queens native from East Elmhurst. She previously served as the vice president of the UNA USA chapter at St. John's University. Nataly loves to serve the community and has experience working with local representatives. She is also passionate about the media & communications industry. 


Vanessa Jimenez


Vanessa is a graduate student in the government and politics program at St. John's University. Her interest in the UN sparked while taking an international business course. She learned of the inequalities in education throughout the world and how it affects many people, including girls. Vanessa hopes to pursue a career that promotes students to have fair access to education and fulfilling impact in the world.



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